Programma van zaterdag 18 december gaat niet door!

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Beste tempel bezoekers,

Het tempel programma van zaterdag 18 december 2010 is afgelast ivm het slecht weer.

Zaterdag 25 december 2010 is de tempel eveneens gesloten vanwege werkzaamheden.

Het eerst volgend programma is op zaterdag 1 januari 2011.


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BCS Songs

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Hare Krishna

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Jai Radhe

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Karnamrita 1

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Karnamrita 2

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Maha Mantra

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Mithe Ras Se

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Nava Yogendra Songs

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Nityananda Bhajans

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Nityananda Lectures

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Radha Govinda Lec.

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Radha Krpa Kat.

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Vintage S.1

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Vintage S.2

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[stextbox id=”custom”][BHISMA-PANCAKA VRATA 2010 November, 17-21

Here is the right procedure how to follow this most powerful vrata of the year.

As mentioned in Srila Rupa Gosvami’s Sri Mathura Mahatmya:

durlabho bhakti-yogo me

mama vasya-vidhayakah

karttike mathurayam ca

vratenanena labhyate

“Pure devotional service to Me which, because it places Me under My devotee’s dominion, is very difficult to attain, is easily attained by following this vow in Mathura (mandala) during Karttika.”

sarvabhista-pradam proktam

mathure bhisma-pancakam

“Following the vow of Bhisma-pancaka in Mathura is said to fulfill all desires.” [This includes the desire to attain one’s eternal raga-maya spontaneous intimate loving relationship with Radhe-Syama in the madhurya realm of Vraja, if one does the vrata with the appropriate lobha.]

Daily bathe before sunrise and at noon. Lord Krsna gave what was previously known as the Visnu-pancaka vrata to Bhisma, declaring the vrata thenceforward to be re-named as Bhisma-pancaka. Hence, after bathing, while offering water along with obeisances, Bhisma is to be honored with a prayer for successful completion of one’s vow: “I am offering this water to Bhisma, who has Vaiyaghrapada ghotra and Sanskrit pravara. I offer respectful obeisances to Bhisma, the incarnation of Vasus, who is the son of Santanu and a life-long celibate.”

One should worship Lord Krsna along with His most beloved Radha, bathing Them daily with pancamrta, offering new clothes, excellent cooked food and cloves, and also arotrika with incense, lamp, Tulasi water in a conch shell, napkin, flowers, and camara to the best of one’s ability. One should every morning and evening offer a ghee lamp to the Deities as well as to Tulasi.

One may maintain an akhanda-dipa near the Deities or near Tulasi. Light incense and lamps using a dry Tulasi stick and get ten million times the result. Tulasi Mahatmya says that there is no one more dear to Krsna than one who lights a ghee lamp with a dry Tulasi stick for His pleasure. The whole point is to become dear to Radha-Krsna! One should especially endeavor to enhance one’s Krsna consciousness by increasing one’s absorption in nama-japa, nama-sankirtana, and krsna-katha.

One must maintain strict celibacy both physically and mentally. Padma Purana states that anyone who does not give up copulation during the month of Kartika becomes a pig in every successive lifetime. One should also sleep on the floor, eat off of leaf plates, and at all costs, totally avoid sadhu-ninda and every kind of prajalpa.

DAY 1 EKADASI (November, 17):

Before sunrise (< 6:41 AM Vrindavan Time) [according to Padma Purana], eat a small amount of cow dung which has come directly from the cow (without having touched the ground). You may also drink any amount of water to make easier your nirjala fasting which will begin after sunrise and continue throughout the day and night until after sunrise on Dvadasi morning. Parana time is between 6:42 A.M. and 10:16 A.M. Fasting from sleep throughout the night is also prescribed for this particular ekadasi.

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Lezing door Vijaya Govinda das op zaterdag 13 Nov.

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Hare Krsna beste devotees,

A.s. zaterdag 13 November verzorgt Vijaya Govinda das (BCS) de lezing.
Prabhuji zijn lezingen zijn vaak heel erg inspirerend dus mis deze kans zeker niet en kom naar de tempel!!!

Foto impressie van een van de vorige lezingen van prabhuji

Het programma ziet er als volgt uit:

17.00 uur: Tulsi en Guru puja

17.30 uur: Lezing door Vijaya Govinda das (BCS)

18.30 uur: Gaura Aarti

19.15 uur: Prasadam

Haribol en graag tot zaterdag.