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If one only chants, with some slight faith, the holy names of lord caitanya and nityananda, very quickly he is cleansed of all offenses. (Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami - CC, adi 8.31)Gebed vind-nu.nl
VaishnavaCalendar 2016-2017 NL

Nrsimha Deva Chaturdasi 13 th of May 2014

damodara astakam nama stotram damodara arcanam
nityam damodara akarsi pathet satya vrata uditam

In the month of karttika, one should daily worship lord damodara and sing the damodarastaka (the eight prayers of lord damodara) which pleases lord damodara, written by the sage named satyavrata.

(Hari bhakti vilasa 16/198)

Lord Nrsimhadeva



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