Heengaan van H.G. Aindra das prabhu van Vrindavan

Beste devotees,

Veel van jullie zullen hem kennen, de meest bekende zanger van de Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan H.G. Aindra das is gisteren, op zaterdag 17 juli om 0.800u indiase tijd, heengegaan in zijn kamer in Vrindavan.
Zie hieronder in de video de laatste rituelen van deze grootheid:


U kunt van dit zeer droevige nieuws op de hoogte blijven via o.a. de link:


Lees de reakties van verscheidene devotees over de wereld op zijn heengaan door hieronder te klikken:

May Krishna’s holy name, which is a reservoir of all transcendental happiness, the destroyer of Kali-yuga’s sins, the most purifying of all purifying things, the saintly person’s food as he traverses the path to the spiritual world, the pleasure-garden where the voices of the greatest saints, philosophers, and poets play, the life of the righteous, and the seed of the tree of religion, bring transcendental auspiciousness to you all.

Sri Rupa Goswami, Padyavali, 19

This was a favorite verse of Srila Akinchanna Krsna dasa Babaji Maharaja, which he always sang in his mangalacarana before chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

I thought of this verse today while thinking about you. Yes, Aindra Prabhu, I was thinking about you all day long.

The verse glorifies the name of God, and blesses us all with transcendental auspiciousness, the awakening of pure devotional service to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

In a sense, this verse was the “mission statement” of a dedicated and selfless kirtaneer of your stature.

1. You gave your life in “dedication with conviction” for sharing the ocean of transcendental happiness of Sri Krishna nama sankirtan with countless souls suffering the miseries of material existence;

2. You dedicated your life to present the “Only and Final” solution for ending the sins and tribulations of Kali Yuga through the performance of Sri Krishna Nama Sankirtan;

3. You humbly and mercifully cried out with a bleeding heart to humanity to purify their existence through accepting the association of Sri Krishna through the performance of Sri Krishna Nama Sankirtan;

4. You were always the chief servers of the luscious feast of Sri Krishna Nama Sankirtan to all of the pilgrims on the path back to Goloka Vrindavan;

5. In your kirtans you were the tour guide to the transcendental pleasure gardens where the faithful can rest while hearing the sweetest voices of the greatest saints extol the glories of Sri Krishna Nama Sankirtana and the exquisite glories of Krishna Bhakti;

6. By liberally bestowing the holy name you presented the real, eternal existence in the lives of the righteous and saintly vaisnava devotees of God;

7. And as a humble gardener you planted the seed of the tree of religion deep within the hearts of millions of people throughout the world, while sitting in front of the deities in Vrindavan;

8. And by showing the true life of humble servant of Sri Krishna’s holy names, you evoked eternal auspiciousness for humanity.

Aindra, Kali Yuga is dark and becomes darker day by day. Krishna Nama is the brilliantly blazing torch in the darkness of the Kali night. You, My dear godbrother, have been one of the great torch bearing sons of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, our Guru Paramapara, and Sri Caitanyadev and His associates.

Aindra, I bow down to you praying for your unconditional vaisnava grace. Please bless me that one day I may chant the holy names of Sri Krishna with a pure heart, with the smallest fraction of the love and single minded dedication which you have always shown us.

My brother, all glories to you. You have gone to Radhe Shyam. You have gone to Srila Prabhupada. Please tell them I wish to come as well … but it will take me much more time to have the correct heart situation to finally go.

We are feeling sorry you are not here, and we are feeling joy at your success. Well done, well commenced, well executed Aindra. You focused only harinama, Thakurji seva, Bhagavat. You have made the grade and we already miss you.

If by chance there is internet up there, or even post card, please stay in touch, because we all love you, and miss you, and direly need your support to reach there.

Please say little prayers, on our behalf to the young important citizens there. Please pull the strings and get us there too!!

Aindra, till our next meeting,

May the love, peace and grace of Sri Krishna sankirtan bathe your precious soul.


BB Govinda Swami


aindra was a soul of
Submitted by preeti devi dasi on 17 July, 2010 – 15:33.

aindra was a soul of chanting!
Jai Jai Sri Radhe !
True event of LIFE..I started living life bcos of Aindar prabhu mercy on me, he was so nice guru,advisor,&ofcourse world talented singer with whom i am interested for 24 hrs kirtan to rest of my life….but i lost my guru but i cant loss his teachings & kirtan it remains with me life long…………….

i am far from vrndavan but i got news just now in the late evening from vrndavan disciples.it is unbelievable & so sounding that the my obeident guru for whom i visit vrndavan to chant & dance in his kirtan i lost my guru & i never even got his last darshan also..i never thought from small age i had growed up by his kirtan i may lost him wen i need his advice & my time to serve him i lost my guru………i am distrub do no god watever do is write but now i am still thinking aindra prabhu is alive and my plan to vrndavan should not change but i lost him ………………..
Hare krishna Hare Krishna krishna krishna Hare Hare!
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
jai jai sri radhe……………
jai jai sri radhe…………..


A pure devotee of the Lord
Submitted by manmath nayak on 17 July, 2010 – 15:16.

A pure devotee of the Lord is no more in his present body, A great source of inspiration who was a true leader is no more present in his present body. What a tremendous loss for us ordinary human beings!Where else can we express our sorrow except our dear Lord
who had given him as a free gift to the world.It is a great loss.


HareKrishna. I am deeply
Submitted by Ajay Saraswat on 17 July, 2010 – 13:06.

HareKrishna. I am deeply shocked when I get info through Damodardesh Mail, It was my dream to be a part of his Live Kirtana at Vrindavana.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!!!!


Hare Krishna! May he get
Submitted by Devaki & Sahasra on 17 July, 2010 – 11:31.

Hare Krishna!
May he get same service in Golok Vrindaban as he has in this Vrindaban Dham.
We’ll deeply miss his association and his Kritan.
Radhe! Radhe!


What a tremendous loss this
Submitted by Sanjiv Desai on 17 July, 2010 – 10:58.

What a tremendous loss this is!! Not only to the ISKCON community but to the whole world.
He will always live in our hearts and in the material world in the form of reverberations of his unique chanting of Mahamantra. Long Live Aindra Das!!
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare|
Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram, Hare Hare||


I send my love and peace to
Submitted by Angela on 17 July, 2010 – 03:17.

I send my love and peace to you all as you are held in my thoughts OM


PAMHO AGTSP I’m devastated
Submitted by Nayan Parekh on 17 July, 2010 – 02:56.


I’m devastated .

I was thinking Oh Krsna what have you done by taking Aindra Prabhu away? But then i thought….thankyou Krsna for sending Aindra Prabhu, and giving us his association and also giving us the understanding of how to serve you through Nama Sankirtan with such devotion.

Read more: news.iskcon.org/node/2990/2010-07-17/aindra_das_passes_away_in_vrindavan#comment-form#ixzz0u21103kP

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